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09659406721 or +639659406721

Myla robles added 04-23-2021
Shes my girlfriend


09776807988 or +639776807988

michel added 04-23-2021
hi lm,can u connect michel to skype ?


09161468642 or +639161468642

eseyarey added 04-23-2021
This number is using for scamming! please do a action here i lost 2000 thousand worth of load in this number


0852737315 or +63852737315

Ella * added 04-23-2021
Tumawag sa akin ang numerong ito, sinagot ko, ngunit walang nagsasalita sa akin at nabitin


0852739286 or +63852739286

Jericho * added 04-23-2021
Hindi ko sinagot ang tawag mula sa hindi kilalang numero na ito at hinahanap ko kung kanino ito kabilang


0853351503 or +63853351503

Czarina * added 04-23-2021
Spam, hindi ginustong mga tawag, hindi ako sumasagot sa anumang hindi pamilyar na mga numero.


0854166491 or +63854166491

Cedric * added 04-23-2021
Natatakot ako ng mga tahimik na tawag, bakit walang nagsasalita nang sumagot ako? Ano ang gusto nila?


0856235185 or +63856235185

Ben * added 04-23-2021
Nababaliw na ako sa patuloy na mga tawag sa spam, walang araw na hindi ako tinawag ng mga spammer. Ang numerong ito ay maaaring tumawag sa akin sa buong araw, sa kabila ng katotohanang hindi ako sumasagot.


09265480514 or +639265480514

Mark added 04-23-2021
The owner of the number is an online scammer using viber app. Be careful with this person. He also uses the lazada app.


09268691523 or +639268691523

Bhim chauhan added 04-23-2021
I need to call you


09315871209 or +639315871209

Ever kinda Geca added 04-23-2021
I need to know who is the owner of that phone because that phone no. Is keep on calling me & the owner of that number is a pervert he is sending me a text foul one


09685488884 or +639685488884

Annoymous added 04-23-2021
This mobile 09685488884 is sending harassment messages to me.


09355046107 or +639355046107

mAria added 04-23-2021


0266869645 or +63266869645

irandon laureta added 04-23-2021
instagram account i want my code to access my account


09661705037 or +639661705037

John garcia added 04-23-2021
I'll send money to this number


09490959284 or +639490959284

Kristine Joy Bernales Bargayo added 04-23-2021
i cant acess my fb account and the number had been expired i need help to send me a code


09667837500 or +639667837500

Juliet Gabinete added 04-23-2021
The Facebook account of my cousin was hacked and the hacker is chatting everyone on her friendlist and asking for load. He/she is using this phone number to ged the prepaid load.


09286375261 or +639286375261

gerald barlao added 04-23-2021
code of mobile number


09672261992 or +639672261992

Cathy added 04-23-2021
This phone number called me, and I don't have any idea who's this one, and it's a coincidence because my Facebook got hacked, so be aware at the moment I'm still trying to recover my account so maybe the owner of this is the one doing hacking my account


09068529146 or +639068529146

Mark justine added 04-23-2021
Facebook account