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Last comments


0547125927 or +63547125927

Earl * added 05-13-2021
Hindi ko sinagot ang tawag dahil sigurado akong spam ito. hindi ito ang unang ganoong tawag


0549602532 or +63549602532

Yanni * added 05-13-2021
Nais kong malaman kung kanino eksakto nabibilang ang numerong ito. Nakakuha ako ng ilang mga tawag ngayon


0729263565 or +63729263565

Pepin * added 05-13-2021
Lahat ng mga ganoong bilang ay spam, kaya hindi ko sinasagot ang mga tawag na ito


0740289549 or +63740289549

Ozer * added 05-13-2021
Hindi alintana kung kanino kabilang ang numerong ito, dahil sigurado akong spam ito.


0742508267 or +63742508267

Ram * added 05-13-2021
Sino yun Walang nagsalita nang sinagot ko ang tawag


09451619563 or +639451619563

09558095078 added 05-13-2021
i'm kahilarasali123 call back me on 09558095078


09973610120 or +639973610120

Janus mark N. Mengullo added 05-13-2021
Because that # is log in to my facebook and my facebook is being hacked by someone and that # is my email to facebook. But that # is in not me anymore.


09155242023 or +639155242023

Jammy added 05-13-2021
scammer yung may ari ng phone. number na yan plss help me locate him


09633725881 or +639633725881

Mark added 05-13-2021
Please this number makes scam please make some action.


09665898820 or +639665898820

GG added 05-13-2021
Kaninong numero ito?