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Last comments


0380911420 or +63380911420

Eli Watson * added 03-07-2021
Caution! These are scammers, they work mainly on selling sites, do not be fooled by their "cool" offers, just block them.


0276581486 or +63276581486

Bob * added 03-07-2021
Cheating people on Instagram, selling shoes, sending trash


0213898473 or +63213898473

Danielle Harvey * added 03-07-2021
Do not open messages from this number, as it is a scammer.


0213894773 or +63213894773

Klaus * added 03-07-2021
This number sent me a WhatsApp message in Russian. The question is, is this a legal number or has something to do with spam, virus spreading or espionage?


0208811519 or +63208811519

Adrian Owen * added 03-07-2021
This number is used for sending spam


09685402083 or +639685402083

JddofLP added 03-06-2021
+639685402083 scammer number


09063511090 or +639063511090

florid added 03-06-2021
I sent an SMS with a link about winning a prize, don't go.


0555698155 or +63555698155

Faith * added 03-06-2021
The callers threatened. I demand that you block this number.


0542242943 or +63542242943

Dereck * added 03-06-2021
Cheater! Be careful!


0535394124 or +63535394124

Baker Holiday * added 03-06-2021
They call that the daughter is in a difficult situation, etc. "DIVORCE FOR MONEY"